Neighbors Coffee
Ben and Zach, owners of Neighbors Coffee

Join Us for Coffee

At Neighbors Coffee, we devote ourselves to creating the best drinks in town while also providing a welcoming, comfortable, + safe atmosphere to everyone who walks through our doors. We exist to cultivate community in our hometown and bring the craft coffee culture we love so much to this part of East Texas.

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Our Location

223 S. Main Street

Jacksonville, TX 75766

Flower Child

A latte sweetened with a house-made honeysuckle + rose + elderflower syrup and garnished with bee pollen


Golden Age

An iced sweet white tea with lavender + mint


The Stache

Our signature cold brew with a pistachio + brown sugar infused cold foam


Pickup Lime

A crisp + refreshing house-made blueberry-basil limeade



Sweet Neighbor

A sweetened mocha cappuccino over ice with a crushed cookie rim.



Espresso + 2oz milk


Cold Brew

Smoothest version of iced coffee, brewed to perfection over 16 hours


Drip Coffee

Rotating selection, ask your barista! Also available in a pour over.



Espresso + 4oz milk


French Press

Rotating selection, ask you barista!



House blend or Single Origin



Espresso + 8oz milk



A traditional Italian dessert made with vanilla ice cream + a double shot of espresso. Substitute matcha for an added $0.50!



Espresso + water



Espresso + 8oz milk + chocolate


Not Coffee


Black tea + spices + milk


Burnt Sugar Lemonade

Original lemonade + a caramelized twist


Hot Tea

Rotating selection of black and herbal teas



A honey oat milk latte made with green tea powder rather than espresso


Sweet Tea

Black tea + sugar



Fresh lemon juice + water + sugar


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